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Thursday, April 14th, 2011 - Heidi Newfield is back.

After a great first time out as a solo artist Heidi is back with a new single and what looks like a new album. On her first solo record Heidi reached the top 15 on the charts. Her next singles were as successful even though I thought they deserved a little more attention. Things don’t always work out, but Heidi is back now with a great new track.

Stay Up Late is Heidi’s latest release. The song sees Heidi getting back to the attitude we saw from her back in the Trick Pony days. We also got a glimpse of it again on her first solo album.

Stay Up Late is about a woman that doesn’t really want to go out and party it up on the town. Her idea of an enjoyable evening is more along the lines of heading to bed early with her man and perhaps staying up a bit late.

The rest is left to imagination and I think it’s best that way.

If I had to venture a guess I’d say this could be another hit for Heidi. Things are always a bit different over at Curb Records. First singles from albums tend to do well while others fall short. That’s a general observation, but if things go that way this could be Heidi’s second big country hit as a solo artist.

Heidi is talented and always has that different kind of sass in her voice. Stay Up Late definitely has the kind of sound a big portion of country fans are looking to hear and for that reason I think this song will find an audience.