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August 19th, 2013 - via

The second day of the littlest country festival in Walker, Minnesota once again did not disappoint, as Moondance Jammin Country always seems to put together the perfect line-up. Those who have faithfully followed the female country duo Bomshel will certainly recognize one of the members of American Young, none other than Kristy Osmunson and Jon Stone, who has penned hits for Rascal Flatts, ‘Me and My Gang’, and Lee Brice, ‘A Woman Like You.’

Bringing her signature fiddle playing to the group, and sassy classy wit to match, Kristy’s impeccable vocal talent and outspoken personality and Jon’s laid back charm, are a sure thing to make all of Nashville stop and take a listen. ‘Love is War’ is a little bit of something very unique to the sound of country music, a song that will soon be resonating throughout the land; and from the size of the crowd, which was one of the biggest that the festival has had for an afternoon show in a longtime, was enjoying the duo. Clearly what American Young has managed to coin together is nothing short of a miracle.

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