Spellbinding performer combines hook-driven pop, R&B, classic swagger and 21st century soul into signature sound

 Sidewalk Records recording artist Wyn Starks proudly embraces his own diversity with the release of Who I Am. Starks – a pop star, soul singer, modern-day genre-blender, and old-school R&B revivalist – is remarkably self-assured with his debut EP. Listen to the EP HERE.

Produced by Josh Bronleewe and Fred Williams, Who I Am’s five songs don’t just showcase Wyn’s elastic vocals. They shine a light on his versatility as a songwriter, too. “Circles” is a throwback power ballad about new love, while “Split in Two” is a groove-driven R&B banger fit for a dancefloor. “Dancing My Way” builds a bridge between contemporary pop radio and the Motown songs that sound tracked Starks’ upbringing in the Midwest, and “Sunday Morning” — with its sweeping hooks and swooning strings — highlights the mix of contemporary hooks and retro charm that earned Wyn Starks a deal with Sidewalk Records (a division of Curb Records) during his first six months in Nashville.

A progressive artist who hasn’t forgotten his musical roots, Wyn was raised in Minneapolis, where he listened to a unique mix of gospel hymns, pop songs, and soul classics. Years later, his own songs still make room for the diverse range of his influences, while also pushing forward into territory that’s uniquely his own. It’s a sound that belongs to no one but Wyn Starks, and it’s already proven to be an irresistible combination, with tracks like “Circles” racking up more than half a million streams on Spotify alone.

“These songs are my culmination of my journey as an artist,” says Wyn Starks. “I’ve always loved incorporating the sounds I grew up with into the music I’m making now. Who I Am is a bridge between two worlds, connecting the throwback vibe of my favorite music as a child with a more contemporary sound. It’s a record about me. It’s who I am.”

Who I Am is available on all DSPs. For more information on Wyn Starks, visit www.wynstarks.com.

About Wyn Starks:

A modern-day pop-soul pioneer, Wyn Starks builds a bridge between the old-school sounds that filled his childhood — from the soulful sweep of Motown classics to the bright sparkle of ‘80s hitmakers like Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson — and the grooves, hooks, and genre-bending bounce of contemporary radio. It’s a sound that celebrates not only the multi-octave range of his vocals, but also the power of his songwriting. From the retro ballad “Circles” to the dancefloor-worthy banger “Split in Two,” Wyn has cemented his reputation as a progressive artist who hasn’t forgotten his roots.

Raised in Minneapolis, Wyn sang his first solos in church. The soaring power of gospel music took ahold of him at a young age, as did the pop songs and soul classics that he’d listen to at home, hidden from the rest of the world behind his family’s couch, headphones pressed to his ears. Wyn began creating music of his own — music that made room for the wide range of his influences while also pushing forward into unexplored territory. Looking for a town whose music community was as diverse as his art, he headed to Nashville, signing a record deal with Curb Records during his first six months in town.

Partnering with producer and co-writer Fred Williams, Wyn introduced his sound to the world with singles like “Circles,” “Dancing My Way,” and “Sunday Morning.” He then teamed up with Josh Bronleewe for 2020’s “Split in Two,” a song whose modern bounce helped build a bridge between the throwback appeal of Wyn’s early work and the progressive punch of his newer releases.

 About Curb Records:

In 2018, Curb Records joined forces with Word Entertainment to form Curb | Word Entertainment, combining two of the music industry’s most respected brands and more than a century of collective experience. Today, Curb | Word Entertainment is one of the world’s leading independent music companies.  Owned and operated by Mike Curb, the company includes label imprints Curb Records, Word Records, Squint Entertainment, Fervent, Sidewalk Records and IVAV representing top artists in Country, Christian, Pop, Rock and Hip-hop music, Curb | Word Music Publishing, 25 Live, Curb Films, Word Films, Word Entertainment and Curb Sports.  For more information, visit www.curb.com