Track Paves Way for Forthcoming Full-Length Album, TRANSCENDENT, Available for Pre-Order/Pre-Add/Pre-Save HERE

TRANSCENDENT Available 11/11

Nashville, Tenn. (October 14, 2022) — Summer has officially come to an end, but IVAV recording artist Ty Brasel’s year is still heating up with “SHINING (feat. Aha Gazelle),” the hip-hop innovator’s newest single available today, bringing with it a sunny message of perseverance and purpose and making way for Brasel’s upcoming TRANSCENDENT, available for pre-order/pre-add/pre-save today, 10/14. Listen to “SHINING (feat. Aha Gazelle)” and pre-order/pre-add/pre-save TRANSCENDENT, available 11/11, HERE.

“‘SHINING’ is a piano-driven, hard-hitting, motivational anthem that calls for the listener to follow along with us in overcoming and persevering through any tribulations that life brings your way,” shares Brasel, pointing to the song’s inspirational lyrics. Featuring a guest appearance by fellow rapper Aha Gazelle, “SHINING” is the third release from Brasel’s forthcoming TRANSCENDENT, the long-awaited follow-up to last year’s Destiny Vol. 1 mixtape.

Raised on the outskirts of Memphis, Brasel struggled with criminal behavior before rediscovering God and renewing his purpose as a faith-driven hip-hop star. Since then, he’s used music as a means of encouraging others to move past their own obstacles. Produced by Dirty Rice, Joseph Prielozny, and JuiceBangers, TRANSCENDENT will mark his fourth release for Curb Records’ hip-hop imprint, IVAV, joining an acclaimed catalog that also includes 2020’s The Divine Storm and 2018’s Destined For Greatness.

“TRANSCENDENT is about rising above all types of emotions and challenges that can lead you down a dangerous path,” Brasel says of the upcoming record, which also includes collabs with The WRLDFMS Tony Williams, Aaron Cole, Foggieraw, Jay-Way, and Parris Chariz. “Those challenges can be anything from ego to depression to pride to fear. We can tap into our divine resources to overcome those obstacles, and that story is reflective of my own life — my personal story of transcending.”

Listen to “SHINING (feat. Aha Gazelle)” and pre-order/pre-add/pre-save TRANSCENDENT HERE

 About Ty Brasel:

With more than 72 million streams worldwide, Ty Brasel is a contemporary icon of faith-driven hip-hop. He makes music for doubters and believers alike, mixing rap, pop, and R&B influences with lyrics sourced from his own tragedy-to-triumph life story. Raised on the outskirts of Memphis, Brasel grew up searching for an escape, often turning to substance abuse and crime for a temporary break from reality. Things changed once he found God, kickstarting a spiritual shift that saw the young musician abandoning his lifestyle, regaining his passion for life, and signing with Curb Records’ hip-hop division, IVAV. Albums like 2018’s Destined For Greatness and 2020’s The Divine Storm followed. Brasel continued his sonic with 2021’s Destiny, Vol. 1, then hit a newfound creative peak with his fourth release, TRANSCENDENT, in 2022.

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In 2016, Curb Records acquired Word Entertainment, combining two of the music industry’s most respected global brands, and more than a century of collective experience. Today, Curb and Word are two of the world’s leading independent music companies. Owned and operated by Mike Curb, the Curb | Word family includes the labels Curb, Word, Squint, Fervent, Sidewalk, MCC and IVAV, as well as Curb Publishing, Word Publishing, 25 Live, Curb Films, Word Films, Word Entertainment, and Curb Sports, representing top artists and entertainers in Country, Christian, Pop, Rock, and Hip-Hop. For more information, visit

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