Mark McKenzie

The Last Sin Eater (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Track Listing

1. Shall We Gather At the River?
2. The Last Sin Eater (Main Titles)
3. Gathering Flowers
4. Funeral Procession
5. Follow Me & Bletsyn's Bees
6. Dead Man's Mountain & Cadi's Pain
7. Strawberry Jam
8. Mom Gives Preserves Back
9. Mountain Meeting
10. Not Given a Spirit of Fear
11. Nothin's Changed
12. A Father's Love & New Friends
13. Ellen's Fall
14. Softly and Tenderly
15. It Doesn't Hurt Anymore!
16. I'm So Sorry They Done This to You
17. Grieving the Past
18. No More Lies
19. You're Just a Man Whom God Loves
20. Reconciliation With Mom
21. I Love You
22. Room At the Cross For You

Selection# 887285

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