Shirley Caesar

The Ultimate Collection

Track Listing

1. Rejoice
2. He's Working It Out For You (Ult Version)
3. You're Next In Line For A Miracle (Ult Version)
4. Jesus, I Love Calling Your Name
5. You Can Make It
6. Amazing Grace
7. I Remember Mama (Ult Version)
8. Satan, You're A Liar (Ult Version)
9. What A Friend We Have In Jesus (You Are My Friend) [Ult Version]
10. Hold My Mule (Ult Version)
11. No Charge
12. He'll Do It Again 9 (Ult Version)
13. Blessed Assurance
14. Strong Man (Ult Version)
15. Go (Ult Version)

Selection# 888163

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