Merle Haggard

20 Hits Vol 2

Track Listing

1. Turnin' Off A Memory
2. If We Make It Through December
3. Today I Started Loving You Again
4. Silver Wings
5. It's Been A Great Afternoon
6. Ramblin' Fever
7. Always Wanting You
8. The Farmer's Daughter
9. The Roots Of My Raising
10. Things Aren't Funny Anymore
11. Old Man From The Mountain
12. Cherokee Maiden
13. Holding Things Together
14. Kentucky Gambler
15. I Think I'll Just Stay Here And Drink
16. The Way That I Am
17. Misery And Gin
18. It's All In The Movies
19. I'm Always On A Mountain
20. From Graceland To The Promised Land

Selection# 79102

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