Kacey Jones

Men Are Some Of My Favorite People

Track Listing

1. Opening Monologue
2. A Woman's Mantra
3. Bubba bit
4. 1-900-BUBBA
5. Why Can't They Send 'Em bit
6. Why Can't They Send 'Em All
7. Seat bit
8. Put The Seat Back Down
9. Pizza Man bit
10. Dressin' Up For The Pizza Man
11. I Miss My Man bit
12. I Miss My Man (But My Aim's Gettin' Better)
13. Mama bit
14. I'm The One Mama Warned You About
15. Bitter bit
16. But I'm Not Bitter
17. Parakeets bit
18. Biggest Parakeets In Town
19. Message bit
20. I Got The Message When You Didn't Call
21. Torture bit
22. Just To Torture Myself

Selection# 77928