Ray Stevens

20 Comedy Hits

Track Listing

1. The Streak
2. Shriner's Convention
3. Gitarzan
4. Ahab The Arab
5. Bridget The Midget (The Queen Of The Blues)
6. Super Cop
7. The All-American Two Week Summer Family Vacation
8. The Ballad Of Jake McClusky
9. The Motel Song
10. Teenage Mutant Kung Fu Chickens
11. Tabloid News
12. Back In The Doghouse Again
13. A Little Blue-Haired Lady
14. Sittin' Up With The Dead
15. Jack Daniels, You Lied To Me Again
16. Help Me Make It Through The Night
17. Used Cars
18. Barbeque
19. Where Do My Socks Go?
20. This Ain't Exactly What I Had In Mind

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