Carlton Pearson

Live At Azusa 2: Precious Memories

Track Listing

1. Jesus, I'll Never Forget / He's Done So Much for Me (Live)
2. Farther Along (Live)
3. Mother Sherman Story (Live)
4. We'll Understand It Better By and By (Live)
5. This Train (Live)
6. In the Morning When I Rise / God's Not Dead, He's Yet Alive (Live)
7. I Know I've Been Changed (Live)
8. Intro to Donnie McClurkin (Live)
9. Living, He Loved Me (One Day) / Send It On Down / Power, Lord / Yes, Lord (Live)
10. Father, I Stretch My Hands to Thee (Live)
11. Going to Heaven to Meet the King (Live)
12. Intro to Precious Memories (Live)
13. Precious Memories (Live)

Selection# 46354

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