Lawrence and the B Attitudes

Track Listing

1. Lawrence the Kat
2. My Life Totally Changed (Dialog Segments)
3. Nu Attitude
4. Carman's Challenge (Dialog Segments)
5. The Golden Rule
6. I Can't Shake Sarena (Dialog Segments)
7. Bright Light
8. Bloodhounds In the Alley! (Dialog Segments)
9. Looks Can Deceive
10. Gettin' the Third Degree (Dialog Segments)
11. Telltale Signs
12. No Escape? (Dialog Segments)
13. This Girl's Way Ahead of Me (Dialog Segments)
14. Knock, Knock
15. I'm Not Leaving! (Dialog Segments)
16. U Before Me
17. Spits - Baddest Cat In the Hood (Dialog Segments)
18. Walk With Me
19. The Extra Mile Solution (Dialog Segments)
20. You Gotta Love 'Em
21. Winner of the Doughnuts Is... (Dialog Segments)
22. Attitude of Beatitude
23. Nu Attitude (Without Dialog)
24. The Golden Rule (Without Dialog)
25. Bright Light (Without Dialog)
26. Looks Can Deceive (Without Dialog)
27. Telltale Signs (Without Dialog)
28. Knock, Knock (Without Dialog)
29. U Before Me (Without Dialog)
30. Walk With Me (Without Dialog)
31. You Gotta Love 'Em (Without Dialog)
32. Attitude of Beatitude (Without Dialog)

Selection# 882736

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