Yo Kidz!

Track Listing

1. Downtown One Night...
2. Hall of Faith
3. Man, Are You for Real?
4. The Cat Vibe
5. That's How I Get In the Gang!
6. Joe Is a Hero (Joseph)
7. Like Boyz In the Pasture
8. Sling Bang Boom (David)
9. There's a Place for Me?
10. Somewhere Within the Heart
11. Daniel and the Dangerous Dudes
12. A New Life In a New Place
13. I Will Go Where You Will Go (Ruth)
14. Havin' Second Thoughts About This
15. Are You the One? (John the Baptist)
16. Hey, Look Who's Back
17. Peter Walked On the Water
18. I Felt Like One a' Those Bible Heroes Myself!
19. Turned On, Sold Out, Hooked On Jesus

Selection# 882237

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