Andreas Moss

For his latest song, “Chaka Khan,” Sidewalk Records recording artist Andreas Moss pops the champagne for a vibrant Latin-tinged fiesta. With an assist from electro-pop artist Sinclair, Moss lights up the night with a group of rowdy friends and an open bar tab. An evening of colorful revelry ensues as the friends toast the party with a spin on the dance floor and a bender sure to usher in a morning-after hangover. A subtle tribute to the feisty GRAMMY®-winner herself, the celebratory track gets reimagined with remixes by Dave Audé, Kingdom 93 and Pink Panda on Chaka Khan (Remixes), available Jan. 17, 2020. “I got to write this song with one of my favorite artists in the world, Sinclair, who is a friend of mine, but also an artist I very much look up to. It just feels so exciting that the world finally gets to hear it,” Moss shares of “Chaka Khan,” also co-written by Sam Tinnesz. “We kinda made ‘chaka khan’ into a verb ‘cause she’s the queen of funk. So we wanted to make something that celebrated her and the music she brought to the world.” The flamboyant track introduces Moss’ first new music of the decade, following recent singles “Ever Was” and “Body Talk.” Born into a musical family, Moss has been pursuing music his entire life. He’s appeared on notable Spotify playlists, including the “Global Viral 50,” “New Music Friday” and “Viral 50” playlists in multiple countries, amassing more than 13M streams and views for his music and scoring coveted touring slots opening for Juicy J, Andy Grammer, and Fetty Wap, along the way. In addition, the Los Angeles-based singer and songwriter has been praised by media outlets such as Billboard, PopDust, Wonderland, and Clash, among others. Yet, the Swedish singer feels like he’s just now stepping into his own, ushering in a new artistic chapter that seamlessly fuses pop and rap vocals threaded together by clever, transparent lyrics. For the first time, he truly feels permission to be 100 percent himself. “I’ve come into this new phase of my music that I’m really excited about. It’s been such an amazing time for me. I never felt like I could fully be myself before. So a lot of the music is surrounding that and just the freedom that comes with being able to be yourself,” Moss says. “I’m more excited about this music than I’ve ever been about any music I’ve put out in a very long time.” His newfound confidence can be heard on “Chaka Khan,” the first in a line of fresh tracks dropping throughout 2020, culminating in a full-length project later this year.