Dan Bremnes

Dan Bremnes is a Nashville-based pop singer-songwriter, originally from Canada, who has circled the entire globe, visiting 26 countries during his lifetime. True to his heart for adventure, Bremnes produced a documentary telling the story of his trip around the world in 8 days. Touring and playing concerts in multiple countries, the Juno Award winner has played for well over a million people, and logged over 15.2M streams, 224.6M+ airplay audience, and over 3.8M YouTube views during his young career. In addition to releasing his documentary and EP, Wherever I Go, this year, Dan will release his new follow up EP - Wherever I Go II – on December 21, 2018 "It's been three years since I released a record and I can't believe the time is here," shares Bremnes on his latest EP, Wherever I Go. "This album has been a long, sometimes difficult, but beautiful process and I'm so excited to share it with you. Each one of these songs is a piece of my story of the past four years, the ups, the downs, the questions and the journey. I pray that as you listen to these songs you are reminded that you aren't alone and you've been invited into an adventure bigger than you could ever imagine."

Dan Bremnes

Wherever I Go

Track Listing

1. Wherever I Go
2. How You Love Me
3. Up Again
4. Speak To Me
5. Going Together
6. The Way
7. It Would Have Been Enough
8. Thunder
9. Let That Go
10. Weakness
11. Thankful
12. Scars
13. Searching For Something
14. Get There Soon

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