Given the recent events in Nashville and the world, Mike Curb would like to share the many positive ways Curb Records and The Curb Foundation are moving forward and staying optimistic and supportive during this unprecedented time.

Due to the tornado in Nashville last month and the current coronavirus around the world, many of Nashville’s homeless people are without food and shelter. Through the Nashville Rescue Mission, Second Harvest Food Bank, Room In The Inn, and Safe Haven, Curb Records and The Curb Foundation will provide over 20,000 meals to the Nashville homeless population. The Nashville Rescue Mission will begin providing a portion of these meals on Easter Sunday, and will continue for the next 20 days. Second Harvest Food Bank will be providing 5,000 of these meals at the Nashville Fairgrounds, which has opened its facilities to the homeless as social distancing keeps many out of the shelter. The Room In The Inn will be providing a portion of these meals at their facility, as well.

The Girl Scouts organization is also working to reach out to homeless children to provide them with tools they may need during this time; Curb Records have doubled their charitable gift to the Girl Scouts in light of these efforts.

Curb Records and The Curb Foundation are working with 28 different charitable partners, as well as Vanderbilt Medical Center, to provide assistance and leadership. Jeff Balser, CEO of the Vanderbilt University Medical Center stated, “I want you to know that your support for the Curb Vanderbilt medical program headed by Melinda Buntin is making a huge difference in our ability to bring rigorous analysis to some of the most difficult questions in health policy and economics. As we face these unprecedented challenges regarding the coronavirus and other related issues, public officials locally and across the country are calling on Dr. Buntin and her colleagues to help form their policy decisions.” In addition, The Curb Institute for Advanced Medical Education at St. Thomas Medical Center is playing a significant role as the hospital searches for solutions during this challenging time.

Curb Records and The Curb Foundation, along with MDHA, are also making progress on the building of our veterans homeless shelter, and we have made a significant commitment toward building the new women’s rescue mission, and other projects, with the emphasis on solving the issues of hunger, homelessness, and health primarily targeting the coronavirus.

Mike Curb shares, “I would like to wish everyone a happy and healthy Easter, Passover, and Good Friday. Thank you for your hard work and dedication under these difficult circumstances. Your hard work has made this gift possible. I’d also like to thank our good friends Jim Van Hook and Susan and Rod Riley for partnering with us at their Chick-fil-A here in Nashville, and creating and assembling great food on such short notice. It’s wonderful to partner with them at this time because we all remember the amazing contributions they made to our company. Though we are in a challenging time, I look forward to an exciting and successful year at Curb | Word Entertainment.”