There are pivotal moments in a person’s life that redefine the outlook and direction of their journey. Blanca, a New York-native artist of Puerto Rican descent, embarked on a quest to rediscover her heritage after facing a season of hardship with losing her parents to cancer, which inspired her to create music in Spanish. The documentary PEDAZOS “Pieces” was captured as a result of this deep dive into her roots.

A year in the making, PEDAZOS is an introspective and stirring documentary during a visit to her parents’ homeland, Puerto Rico. The Caribbean island set the stage with breathtaking views and its unique festive flavor for family reunions while revisiting significant landmarks that have been part of Blanca’s family history.

Blanca decided to create this documentary as a way to take others along on the journey. “This was a very personal project, so getting to document parts of my family history was such a gift,” Blanca shares. PEDAZOS offers an intimate insight behind her decision to make music in Spanish over the past two years. “I have been to Puerto Rico many times but for some reason filming this documentary gave it a whole new light. I learned things about my ancestors, I visited the places my parents grew up at as kids. I got to honor their life in a way just by being there and learning about them. It was incredible!”

The singer/songwriter experienced many poignant moments throughout her time in Puerto Rico. However, a standout day is undoubtedly the emotional visit to the church founded by her father. “It was as if in that very moment I could feel my parents smiling down on me. Things went wrong, the power went out and I had to sing acapella but, even through all of that, it was such a special moment,” shared the powerhouse pop vocalist.

During her week in Puerto Rico, alongside director Gabriel Dávila and his team of Dexios Design Films, she shared memories from her childhood and delved deeper into the cultural makeup that is part of the woman she is today.

Because of this transformative project, the second-generation Puerto Rican is determined more than ever to showcase and honor her roots. In 2021, Blanca will drop a new Spanish-language EP inspired by her time in Puerto Rico.

The full documentary, PEDAZOS “Pieces” is live on Blanca’s official YouTube channel (or watch the video below).

Quebrantado EP

Track Listing

1. Amor Real (Real Love)
2. Preguntas (What If)
3. Quebrantado (Shattered)
4. Entrego Todo (feat. Redimi2) [Give It All]
5. Sube Tu Bandera (Raise Your Flag)

About Blanca

New York-native Blanca is a powerhouse pop vocalist of Puerto Rican descent. Following a successful multi-year run with Group 1 Crew, she stepped out to go solo. The Premios Redención award recipient’s debut solo album garnered two No. 1 radio singles, “Who I Am” and “Not Backing Down” (feat. Tedashii), the latter of which was featured on ESPN. Blanca’s latest album release is a project that is very personal to her. That album, Shattered, has added three back-to-back No. 1 radio singles (“Real Love,” “What If” and “Remind Me”) to her story, to go along with her 45 million on-demand streams and more than 24.9 million views on YouTube. Blanca recently released Quebrantado, a five-song Spanish-language version of Shattered. Blanca received her first-ever Tecla Award nomination in October of 2019, in the category Best Musician Creating Social Content. For more information, visit

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