Full-length follow-up to band’s 2018 debut focuses on alt-pop anthems for dance floors, rock clubs, and stadium stages

Sidewalk Records recording artist Saint Nomad defined their sound with 2018’s Memento Mori, an acclaimed album that mixed the organic, the electronic, and the anthemic into a unique brand of alt-pop music. Three years later, that pop sound deepens and diversifies with Nothing To Lose, available now. Listen to the album HERE.

Co-produced and co-written by the band’s three Russian-American brothers — Nikita, Ruslan, and Yan Odnoralov — Nothing To Lose is an anthemic album for the modern world, filled with songs that add a personal touch to the universal issues we all face. Songs like “Stay” find the Odnoralovs calling for open-mindedness and empathy during times of division, while the title track unfolds like a faith-driven battle cry, with front man Nikita Odnoralov declaring that, “There’s a reason, there’s a purpose / There’s a plan in motion that I know will all be worth it.”

Like Memento Mori, the 11-song Nothing To Lose showcases not only Saint Nomad’s sharp songwriting, but the band’s wide-ranging production, too. The album’s mix of real instruments, digital soundscapes, and synth-driven sparkle pays tribute to the multi-cultural influences that filled the brothers’ collective childhood, back when they were young political refugees who fled Russia and settled in Colorado. Drawn to traditional Russian music, European electronica, and American pop/rock, they developed wide-ranging musical tastes that would later coalesce on albums like Nothing To Lose, which finds the siblings teaming up with co-producers Daniel James and Jacquire King.

“We see production as a way to tell a story, just like a lyric would,” says Ruslan Odnoralov. “The production decisions we make are part of our story as Saint Nomad, because they’re influenced by what we grew up listening to as kids. We’ve always been fascinated with bringing together elements of electronic music and organic music.”

Nothing To Lose is a pop album with electronic energy, digital dynamics, and a human heart. After spending years caught between different genres and multiple cultures, the brothers in Saint Nomad have built their own inclusive home in their music.

Nothing To Lose is available HERE now. For more information on Saint Nomad, visit www.saintnomad.com.

About Saint Nomad:
Saint Nomad’s music builds a bridge between different worlds. It’s a sound created for dance floors and stadium stages, filled with organic instruments, digital soundscapes, synthesizers, and pop melodies. Gluing everything together are three Russian-American brothers who’ve been making music together since their teenage years, creating a unique version of cinematic alt-pop to help make sense of the world around them.

After making their debut with 2018’s Memento Mori, siblings Nikita, Ruslan, and Yan Odnoralov deepen and diversify their sound with 2021’s Nothing To Lose. Co-written and co-produced by the three brothers (with help from Daniel James, Jacquire King, and a small circle of collaborators), the album brings a personal touch to the universal experiences that bind us together, filled with songs about romance, heartbreak, the nostalgic pull of the past, and the ever-present need to fit in. Led by the record’s stomping, swaggering title track — which had already earned more than 1.3 million Spotify streams before the album’s release — Nothing To Lose showcases not only the strength of Saint Nomad’s writing, but also the powerful punch of their studio arrangements.

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