Country music acclaimed singer/songwriter Mo Pitney invites us into a new journey with his song “Right Now With You,” which was co-written with Will Nance and Paul Overstreet. “Emily and I had been out in a crowd of people somewhere and felt overwhelmed that I just needed to kiss her in front of everybody. It felt good to be able to say that I still want to do that after we have been doin’ this for a while. So I brought the idea in,” Pitney shares. “And, I’ll never forget it. Paul was just lookin’ over his coffee cup with his eyes closed singing what I sang to him and he started saying, “Now,” after every line that I gave him. He made this really uninteresting idea, interesting immediately. And it just made sense to say ‘And there ain’t nothin’ like right now with you.’” The Pitney co-penned song is his favorite to perform live, with it’s simple and steady groove and light hearted lyrics that makes it “real easy to play with a smile on your face.”

“Right Now With You” is part of Mo Pitney’s upcoming album, set for release in late Summer 2020. ​


Right Now With You (Single)

Track Listing

1. Right Now With You