Nashville, Tenn. (October 7, 2022) — Sidewalk Records recording artist Melanie Pfirrman doubles down on her R&B roots with “It’s Not Gonna Kill You,” which turns her personal experience with anxiety and mental health into a universal call for self-worth and empowerment. Listen to “It’s Not Gonna Kill You” HERE.

“It’s probably the most important song I’ve ever been a part of,” Pfirmann says of “It’s Not Gonna Kill You.” “It was basically written about my experiences with anxiety. I’ve struggled with my mental health for most of my life, so writing this song was truly a therapeutic and healing experience. I can’t wait for everyone to hear it — and hopefully relate to it — and feel comfortable sharing their own experiences with mental health.”

While recording “It’s Not Gonna Kill You” during a global pandemic that briefly brought her touring career to a halt, Pfirrman found herself fighting off a panic attack. It was Andreas Moss — her longtime collaborator and label mate — who encouraged her to continue recording the song with newfound confidence and conviction. Emboldened by the lyrics to her own song, Pfirrman transformed those internal struggles into an emotionally packed pop performance that relays a powerful message about mental health. “It’s my reminder that nothing in my head can kill me. I’m way too strong for that,” Pfirrman adds.

Arriving on the heels of “Suda,” her multi-million-streaming duet with Pitbull, Pfirrman’s newest release roots itself in the nostalgic rhythms and acrobatic melodies that dominated the FM radio during her childhood. “I love pop and R&B music from the late ‘90s and early 2000s,” Pfirrman explains. “Brandy. Monica. Destiny’s Child. My heart has always been in that world.” With “It’s Not Gonna Kill You,” co-written with Andreas Moss and Niyi “Synematik” Adelekan, Pfirrman, whose career milestones include everything from Top 10 Radio Disney hits to bilingual Latin pop releases, remakes those classic influences into a current sound, hinting at the sonic direction of her upcoming material.

Learn more about Melanie Pfirrman and listen to “It’s Not Gonna Kill You” HERE.

About Melanie Pfirrman:

From her multi-million-streaming duet with Latin superstar Pitbull to her pop-influenced R&B anthems,  Melanie Pfirrman makes modern music that’s diverse and driven. It’s an adventurous sound that blurs the boundaries between genres and countries, created by a lifelong musician whose songwriting is every bit as powerful as her voice. Signed by Sidewalk Records in 2016, Melanie kickstarted her career with I Don’t Wanna Love, an EP that yielded the Top 10 Radio Disney hit “Go Steady.” Two years later, she widened her musical reach with “Suda,” a steamy collaboration with hip-hop icon Pitbull and Grammy-winning producer IAmChino. Influenced by the multicultural mix of Spanish and American music that once filled her childhood home in California, “Suda” became a viral hit that introduced Melanie’s music to international audiences. She followed its release with bilingual songs like “En Mis Tacones,” which found her teaming up with singers Fanny Lu and Paty Cantú, and “Rosé,” which mixed Cumbia grooves with tropical melodies. Reinventing herself once again, Melanie Pfirrman began refocusing her attention on another childhood influence: the timeless sounds of late-90s and early-2000s R&B. Released in 2022, “It’s Not Gonna Kill You” nodded to that deep well of inspiration, serving as the launchpad for a string of new, R&B-accented songs.

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